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Heart Disease and Long Term Care Insurance Underwriting

| Jack Lenenberg

Heart Attack Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance underwriting is vastly different from life insurance underwriting or even health insurance underwriting.  We receive many calls from individuals with a prior history of a heart attack,...

Mutual of Omaha Long Term Care Insurance Review

| Jack Lenenberg

Mutual Of Omaha Long Term Care InsuranceToday, Mutual of Omaha is one of the top 5 long term care insurance providers.  

Mutual of Omaha offers 2 long term care insurance policies:

  1. Secure Solution
  2. Custom Solution

Purely from a policy design and benefit option viewpoint, the...

Review of Mass Mutual Long Term Care Insurance

| Jack Lenenberg

Does Mass Mutual offer the best long term care insurance policy?

*****UPDATE February 7, 2019.  This Mass Mutual Signature Care 500 LTC Policy has just been withdrawn in 39 states.  It is replaced by the Mass Mutual Signature Care 600...

Best long term care insurance policies for your money

| Jack Lenenberg

Top 10 Long Term Care Insurance PoliciesI receive a lot of phone calls from consumers nationwide and a fairly common question many of my clients ask me is:

What is the best long term care insurance policy that you can buy?

It is a fair question.

And it is a question that has...

Long Term Care Insurance Planning in California

| Jack Lenenberg

The Cost of Long Term Care in California

California MapThe cost of receiving long term care services in California is very expensive.  Whether you plan to pay for these costs out of your own retirement savings or whether you plan to buy long term care...

Underwriting Stroke History for Long Term Care Insurance

| Jack Lenenberg

Stroke Long Term Care

Can a stroke survivor qualify for long term care insurance?

While problematic, it is possible to obtain long term care insurance with stroke history.

A stroke is the second leading cause of long term care insurance claims...

Pacific Life Premier Care Review and Rating

| Jack Lenenberg

Pacific Life

Review of Pacific Life PremierCare Long Term Care Insurance

Below is my original 2013 review of the original Pacific Life PremierCare policy.  The arena has changed dramatically in the past 7 years.  For the current 2020 review of the...

Genworth to Halt Long Term Relationship with AARP

| Jack Lenenberg

Aarp Long Term Care Insurance ReviewGenworth Ceases AARP Long Term Care Insurance Plans

Sadly, a five year relationship will be coming to an end next month.

This week, Genworth Financial Inc. announced it will stop new sales of AARP-branded long-term care insurance...

Review of Northwestern Mutual Long Term Care Insurance

| Jack Lenenberg

Northwestern Mutual Ltc

Northwestern Mutual offers long term care insurance through its wholly owned subsidiary Northwestern Long Term Care Insurance Company. 

We receive a lot of inquiries about Northwestern LTC policies.  Let's take a look to see how...