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Why Choose Jack Lenenberg & LTC Partner?

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How I can help you with long-term care insurance planning

1.  Determine if long-term care insurance is right for you

Long term care insurance makes sense for most people, but is not right for everyone.  We will ask you questions about your lifestyle, your health, your assets and your plans for the future. All to help determine whether a long term care insurance policy is right for you.

2.  Help you select a long-term care insurance policy that meets your needs

There are many choices to make when purchasing a long term care insurance policy. We will help you understand your options and allow you to choose appropriate benefits for you. 

3.  Help you to complete your long term care insurance application  and get your application approved.

Once you've selected your benefits and the insurance company you wish your coverage to be with, we will carefully go over your application and complete it with you. We will also write a cover letter to your company's long term care insurance underwriting department requesting favorable underwriting consideration. 

Over the years, we have discovered that adding a human touch to our applications can truly be the difference maker in getting your application approved by the long term care insurance company.

4.   Prepare you for your personal health interview

Long term care insurance applications typically may require a brief telephone interview as part of the underwriting process; or for applicants age 72 and older, an in-home interview may be requested.  We will explain the process to you and help you to prepare for the interview. 

5.   Make sure you understand your long-term care insurance policy

When we deliver your policy to you, we will answer your questions and review your benefits with you.  Should you wish tyo make any changes to your policy benefits after the policy is approved and issued, we will contact the insurance company and obtain the policy changes for you

6.   Provide guidance when your need to submit a long-term care claim arises

One day in the future we might need to make a claim on your long term care insurance policy.  When that day arises, we will work with your family to help you gather information about your need for long term care services and will refer you to an experienced care manager in your area who will help you to develop your personalized plan of care.

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We are a leading independent long-term care insurance agency helping consumers nationwide.  We have specialized in long-term care insurance, both traditional LTC policies and hybrid LTC policies, since 1998.  We can help you review rates and financial ratings of the leading providers including Lincoln Moneyguard, OneAmerica, National Guardian Life, John Hancock, Mutual of Omaha, Transamerica, Lincoln Moneyguard, Pacific Life, Nationwide, Thrivent, and more. 

Please call us toll-free at 1-800-891-5824 should you have any questions, or to receive your free quotes; or simply complete our long term care insurance quote request form.  Thank you.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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