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Testimonials For Jack Lenenberg

Jack Lenenberg

"Jack, as you know, I stumbled upon you while searching LTC insurance online and could not be happier with how everything turned out. You have such a great knowledge base on this topic and were great at answering all of our questions and even bringing up things we wouldn't have thought to ask. Truthfully, it was a difficult decision to proceed with a "stranger" in a different city. But after reading about your career and how respected you are in your field, we are happy that we did. We really appreciate all of your help. Thanks!"

--Kathy and Gregg Sierminski, McHenry, Illinois

Dear Jack, Thank you for your help with my son’s and my long term care policy. Have to tell you, I was speaking with a local person and did not “feel right.” While researching online, I found your contact info and took a chance. In fact, this local person did not know about the parent/child aspect. Again, thanks for being great and informative. Hope sheltering in place will end for you soon! Thanks!

- -Christine Yonemura, Pacifica, CA

"Choosing a long-term care insurance policy is too important to attempt without the help of an expert who puts his clients' needs first. I had talked with other agents, but after my first conversation with Jack Lenenberg, I knew I'd found the right man for the job. Jack took the time to determine what was best for me, explain all the options, consult with the insurer on my behalf, answer all my questions, and much more, all the while treating me as if I were his most important client. Jack is knowledgeable, conscientious, accessible, and dedicated to helping clients obtain the best possible coverage at the best possible rate."

--Julie Schuffman, Nashville, TN

While working with another broker on a LTCI policy that didn't quite gibe with me (not their fault - I really pushed them into the most minimum LCTI they could put together), I decided to seek a second opinion. I ran across Jack's website and contact information. Jack immediately got on the phone with me and identified a much better product that suited my needs. Not only did the plan make sense, but he put my concerns to rest. I was very transparent and told Jack I was already working with someone else. No problem! He was happy to help even if it wasn't going to result in money in his pocket!
I highly recommend that everyone talk to Jack, even if you don't think you need or want a policy. Jack will walk you through the numbers and if it makes sense, you'll know, without any sales talk or pressure to buy. He sincerely wants you to be happy. I really appreciated the time Jack spent with me, going above and beyond expectations. 

Joyce Fowler, Seattle, WA

"Dealing with insurance companies is rarely fun; and dealing with the many options and nuances associated with Long Term Care (LTC) insurance can be even more daunting. Jack Lenenberg made the whole process a lot more manageable. He is extremely knowledgeable in the LTC arena, and demonstrated a great deal of patience and perseverance to ensure that I obtained the policy best suited for my needs. His answers to my many questions were always clear and timely, and he always kept my interests in mind as he shared his counsel. I don't think you could find a better partner than Jack to help you navigate through the important decisions that need to be made for sound Long Term Care coverage."

--Richard Saad, Odenton, MD

Jack, I can't thank you enough for your time this morning to talk with me about my long term care policy with Genworth & what is going on with them. You certainly set me straight, primarily putting things into financial perspective. Clearly I needed the wisdom of someone with experience in this field. You could have gone along with me and helped me find a new policy and made a sale. Your honesty & ethics is something that unfortunately seems so rare these days. It's also such a crap shoot finding someone advertising on the internet, who knows what their ethics and knowledge base are. If I ever come across anyone who is looking for LTC insurance I would without reservation refer them to you. In deep appreciation.

Meryll G., St. Helena, CA

Thank you for guiding us through this major purchase. We greatly appreciate your assistance, your responsiveness to our many questions, as well as your patience. You were never pushy (a rarity in our experience dealing with insurance agents), allowing us to digest all of the material at our own pace without the added stress of a pushy salesman. As the opportunity presents itself, we will be happy to refer others to you for their long term care planning.

Wendy and Hap M., Montville, NJ

We found Jack Lenenberg's blog while researching long term care insurance online. We met with our financial adviser who stated to us that did not know very much about long term care insurance and only was able to present us with one option. Jack Lenenberg helped to provide us with a number of different options. Jack is knowledgeable and easy to work with.  We encourage anyone looking to buy long term care insurance to contact Jack.  

---Joseph and Lynn Baron, Ballwin, MO

If anyone needs to know anything about LTC insurance, boy have I got the man for you! Jack Lenenberg has turned a near impossibility into a reality for me. Jack is a master at what he does and I would highly recommend him, without any reservation whatsoever, to everyone and anyone. Being an insulin dependent juvenile diabetic for 32 years, I never thought I would qualify for a long term care insurance policy. With Jack's determination, experience and knowledge, not to mention his accessibility and persistence, I am now fully insured and on the road to retirement. Jack's constant guidance throughout my appeal process was very comforting and reassuring and I will never forget his after-hours email to me stating "winner, winner, chicken dinner-appeal won!!"; I can truly say that Jack Lenenberg is the man who CAN and WILL get the job done.  One would be absolutely foolish not have Jack Lenenberg help and represent them when considering long term care insurance.

--Amy Mannino, Spring Hill, FL

Jack, I can't begin to thank you enough for speaking with me about my mom's long term health policy that lapsed. You gave me some excellent guidance and I am so appreciative! I don't know what the final outcome will be but I am cautiously optimistic. I just found out they didn't have a secondary notification on the policy as required by California law. Fingers crossed! Thank you again!

Stephanie Brody, Tarzana, CA

It is rare today to find someone who works hard, answers every question any of the four of us asked (and there were a lot of those) quickly, without insurance jargon and without obfuscation. We found Jack to be patient, informative and knowledgeable, and we think that deserves some recognition. We don't often recommend people but in this case we were very satisfied.

Ld Schneider, Jensen Beach, FL

Thank you for the time you spent with Jill and I. I expected only 30 mins, maybe less once you found out we had another agent. To my surprise you spent 90 mins with us. You were patient, kind and delightful. I had read your work on the internet and wished that we had come across you first. We are in appreciation of you giving so unselfishly of your time.

Randy Adams, Athens, AL

I came across Jack's website while researching LTC online. I was impressed by the website and sent a quote inquiry. Jack replied promptly. It was quickly clear to me that he is a real expert in the field. He was well informed and gave accurate, thoughtful advice. My husband and I feel confident that with Jack's help, we bought the LTC policy that is right for us.

--Barbara Berenson, Waban, MA

Jack, Thank you for all of your expert knowledge and guidance through this process. We are so grateful we found you to help make this process easy for us. You are an invaluable resource.

---Larry and Lucy Brunner, Gresham, OR

Jack, thank you for helping us with getting our policies. You were truly magnificent every step of the way, from sending us proposals to explaining the policies, answering our questions (and we had a lot of them!) We are so fortunate to have stumbled upon your website. I am sure you have forgotten more about long term care insurance than most advisors even know. I know you mentioned you want to retire near us in California in a few years, but please don't even think of retiring soon. Your expertise is truly needed.

---Jennifer Kohler, Laguna Niguel, CA

Dealing with Jack Lenenberg has been a pleasure. From my first phone call when I all but told him I had another agent to the final signing of the policy, he has been pleasant, professional, and informative. He responded promptly to all my phone calls and answered any and all questions. He won me over and made me feel confident in my choice of a LTC policy. I will highly recommend him to all my friends and colleagues!

---Sue Scalcione, Cranford, NJ

Although we are in our mid-50s and in good health, my wife and I decided that we should explore Long Term Care (LTC) insurance to mitigate future risks to our financial portfolio and health care. We explored self-funding, single payment, and various other LTC options. Unlike our experience with a reputable agent from a highly regarded mutual insurance company, Jack was willing to examine the details of all of these options with us to find the most cost-effective policy that met our needs. He is well-informed on how LTC policies have changed over the years, and the direction that they are headed in the future (e.g., gender specific pricing). While we hope to never use our LTC policies, we worked successfully with Jack to ensure that we would not be a financial burden to our children in the future. I would highly recommend Jack and for anyone that is considering LTC options for their future peace of mind.

RWP, Corvallis, OR

Dear Jack, Once again thank you for taking a look at my LTC policies and offering an opinion. In my internet search to get a better understanding of LTC insurance I found your website to have a wealth of information. Your rapid response was welcomed as it helped me make an educated decision. It's this helpful dedication that has made you highly successful in the LTC insurance business. You gained no financial benefit but my gratitude that there are people out there that are super human beings. With thanks.

Pascal Mascarenhas, Buena Park, CA

Jack, thanks for all of your hard work in getting Carol's application approved. Your persistence paid off. We spoke with a handful of agents but your ability to quickly analyze our health history and tell us the game plan for our situation was invaluable. We hope we never need to use these benefits but we feel good we have the coverage just in case.

Bruce and Carol Selig, Salem, OR

Jack, thank you for all of your guidance. We came across your website in our research and were immediately impressed with your blog. As you know, getting a policy was a big decision for us. We have thought about long term care insurance for years. Your patience in allowing us to weigh our options and make the right decision for us is what made working with you a nice experience.

Gerald and Lynn Waldman, Eden Prairie, MN

“Jack, I just wanted to say thank you for your service to our family . Has it really been 12 years? What a blessing that you were able to get Mom approved for the long term care insurance coverage. We had tried with a few other agents but were turned down due to Mom’s heart issues. Having the long term care insurance just made a world of difference the last few years. We are so grateful Mom was mostly able to stay at home, and she really enjoyed your visits. Thank you for everything.”

-- Frances Silver, Wellington, FL 

"As a veteran CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER practitioner, I am always looking for professionals to assist my clients in implementing their financial plan. Most of my clients typically need some type of insurance placed such as Life, Disability or Long Term Care insurance, and it is imperative to make sure we are placing clients in those products most suitable for their specific goals and needs. I have been working with Jack Lenenberg for over 12 years and have found him to be one of the most knowledgeable long term care insurance professionals in the industry. I would highly recommend Jack to anyone needing the services of a true long term care insurance expert."

-- Alan McKnight, MBA, CFP®, Atlanta, GA

“Jack Lenenberg is nothing short of a miracle worker. We started the process with a local agent, but my application was declined due to a recurrence of prostate cancer. My wife and I wanted to have shared long term care coverage, so it was important to have both of us approved. After shopping my pathology report to a few companies, Jack found a way to come through for us.

-- Alan and Doris Green, Westlake Village, CA 

"As a Regional Vice President for Genworth long term care insurance, I oversee applications written by thousands of agents. For some magical reason, however, every request I receive for our underwriters to improve upon an offer seems to have Jack Lenenberg's name attached to it. Coincidence? I think not. Jack Lenenberg looks out for his client's best interest like no other long term care insurance agent I have ever seen. Every applicant should be so lucky to have Jack as their agent."

-- Robert Burke, CLTC, Genworth LTC RVP, Hudson, WI

Jack, thank you for working with us.  I appreciate that you had the confidence and the experience to tell me what we needed and what the long term care insurance policies would cost. 

-- Mark Rubin, Overland Park, KS

I am happy to recommend Jack Lenenberg. I am very pleased with the long-term care policy Jack helped me to get. What impressed me about Jack is he is knowledgeable about the policies he sells and very responsive to client’s questions and concerns.  From my first conversation with Jack, it was apparent that he was interested in me and invested in getting me a policy that will meet my needs. As a university professor, I appreciated that Jack was data-based and could easily compare different policies. Jack explained provisions and suggested riders that might be wise for me to consider based on my situation. He was patient and never pushy. It was clear to me that Jack was “on my side” and advocating for me, and not simply trying to sell me a policy.

----Kathleen, Tampa, Florida

“Dear Mr. Lenenberg, We feel lucky we found your firm on the internet. We were ready to give up after State Farm turned my husband down. Thanks for your hard work in getting both of us approved. And thank you for getting me the Preferred rate too! We really hope we never need long term care but it’s nice to know we have the coverage for a rainy day. We will tell all our friends to call you.”

-- James and Callie Pullman, Cary, NC

“Long term care is not something I like to think about, but having gone through it with my Mom I knew I needed to do something. LTC Partner and Jack Lenenberg were patient with me and helped me through the process. I never want to go to a nursing home. I feel much better now having a long term care policy."

-- Cynthia McBride, Plano TX

"Jack, as you know before she passed away I was the primary caregiver for my mother for the past 9 years. Caring for mother was hard, but I wouldn’t trade the time we spent for anything. I am an only child. Who will look after me if I need care? I knew what I wanted when I called you. I was a little nervous I would not be approved, but you assured me everything would be ok. And you were right."

-- Patsie Moyers, Englewood, CO

“I am a life insurance professional and discovered Jack Lenenberg’s services a few years ago while researching a long term care insurance policy for one of my Attorney clients. Now that my wife and I are in our middle 40’s, I thought it was time to get our own LTC policy while we are still healthy.”

-- Tony Socci, Omega Financial Services, Stamford, CT

“We are a busy property and casualty insurance firm. We are often asked about long term care insurance by our clients, and I initially tried “to be everything to everybody.” I attended seminars and training programs, but I soon realized I can’t do it all. We specialize in property and casualty. With long term care there is just too much information to keep up with. Having a go-to guy like Jack Lenenberg and LTC Partner has proven to be an invaluable service for our clients. Our clients are presented with proper expert long term care insurance advice and the best values available for them. We couldn’t ask for anything more.”

-- Terry Iskoe, Alpharetta, GA

“Talking about long term care is something we avoided doing for years. Who likes to think about getting old? We finally decided to look into long term care because we didn’t want to burden our daughter. What we really liked about working with LTC Partner is that they made a difficult issue simple and easy for us.”

-- Phyllis Goodman, Del Ray Beach, FL

We interviewed a number of agents for long term care insurance but Jack Lenenberg was by far the most knowledgeable and unbiased agent so we chose to work with him. We know we made the right decision.” 

-- Tom and Barbara Gillman,  Rochester, NY

Jack did an outstanding job orchestrating the Long Term Care policy process for my wife and myself. He has in-depth knowledge on every aspect of the policy and provided excellent guidance. When a problem occurred between the underwriter and my doctor’s office Jack took a leadership role and quickly resolved the issue. Jack worked aggressively to get us the very best price for our policies. I always felt he had our best interest at heart and was our strong advocate. I worked with other LTC Insurance Agents and there is simply no comparison. I highly recommend Jack Lenenberg.

--Jim Ibarra, Atlanta, GA

"My wife and I had applied for long term care insurance with another agent, but I was turned down due to heart disease. My attorney had worked with Jack Lenenberg, and suggested I contact Jack before I give up my search. Jack explained each long term care insurance company views health history differently. I just applied to the wrong company, and probably worked with an inexperienced agent. Needless to say, Jack Lenenberg came through for us.”

-- William Hamilton, Colorado Springs, CO

“As a registered representative and a licensed insurance agent at a full service brokerage firm, I can sell long term care insurance to my clients. But since I have known Jack Lenenberg with LTC Partner, I refer all of my clients to LTC Partner to discuss their long term care insurance needs. Jack’s knowledge of the policies is second-to-none. My clients speak highly of Jack, and my clients always seem to be approved. Jack Lenenberg is a pro’s pro.”

-- Nicholas Psilos, CFP, HDVest Securities, Canton, GA

"Jack Lenenberg was recommended to me by a family member. I found that his access to many different insurance companies allowed him to offer the best prices I could find on the market. The personal service Jack provides is also something you will not receive from a big company. I am very pleased with the prices and the service I received from Jack Lenenberg, and I would highly recommend Jack Lenenberg to anyone looking for long term care insurance."

-- Gerry Hunter, Cumming, GA.

"We were thinking about applying for my wife’s Federal Employees Group LTC plan with John Hancock. We asked LTC Partner if we could maybe do better. They showed us how we could get 10 years of shared long term care coverage for less premium than the Federal Employees Group LTC plan would cost us for 5 years each." 

-- John and Tabby Booth, Salinas, CA

"After our experience with the cost of dad’s care, Nancy and I realized the importance of long term care insurance. We don’t want to wipe out our nest egg or burden our children. I wasn’t sure I could get coverage but you guys are like a long term care insurance search engine. You let me know right off the bat which companies would say yes to me. Your service has been invaluable. Now we have peace of mind." 

-- Dan and Nancy Brooks, Somerset, NJ

I stumbled upon Jack Lenenberg's blog while researching long term care insurance after we placed my mom in assisted living. I had met with a local agent, but after meeting with her I had questions and I felt I needed to look around to different options. I am so relieved I found Jack. I had a lot of questions, and he answered all of them very responsively. I recommend Jack's services for long term care insurance wholeheartedly.

--- Rachael Shutt, Scottsdale, AZ

This summer after receiving a pamphlet called Georgia Partnership for Long Term Care, I requested information on obtaining Long Term Care Insurance (LTC).  Soon afterwards, I was contacted by Jack Lenenberg, President of LTC Partner. Jack assisted in me in filling out the appropriate applications, and found the perfect LTC insurance for me, at a very reasonable price. He’s very knowledgeable about the LTC market, and personally followed up with phone calls and emails until my policy was bound. He is only a phone call away for any future LTC needs or questions that I may have.  Jack did a tremendous job, and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking LTC insurance. I feel a great sense of security now that I have this policy.  Thank you Jack!

--Donald Merritt, Alpharetta, GA

"Jack, thank you for helping me to understand how long term care insurance inflation protection works. I am so glad you explained everything to me. My HR person couldn’t tell me anything about my group long term care insurance plan. Thanks for helping me understand everything."

-- Micki McCall, Bluffton, SC

"I am in financial services and am licensed to sell long term care insurance, but I know that using Jack Lenenberg gives me an edge that is difficult to match. There is not a situation in long term care underwriting that Jack has not experienced. If I present a client’s health history to Jack he inevitably knows the right long term care insurance company to work with. Jack’s attention to detail and expertise with health pre-screening is the best. I can’t even imagine working with anyone else in long term care insurance."  

-- Bill Guess, The Guess Agency, Conshohocken, PA

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