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OneAmerica Price Increase Announced Effective September 25th

by Jack Lenenberg

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New business application rates are increasing later this month once again with one of the leading underwriters due to the historically low interest rate environment.  OneAmerica will be changing the rates respectively on the very popular OneAmerica Asset Care policy.

OneAmerica Asset Care is one of the most unique policies in the marketplace.  

OneAmerica Asset Care is the only hybrid LTC policy that offers Lifetime Unlimited long term care benefit periods.  All other policies limit your long term care insurance benefits to between 4 - 8 years of coverage.

OneAmerica Asset Care is also the only hybrid long term care policy that offers joint life coverage as an option.  

And OneAmerica Asset Care is the only policy that accepts IRA Rollovers to fund the plan.


OneAmerica will be changing rates within its Asset Care portfolio on its Single Pay premium policy option.  The expected rate increase for the Single Pay will be between 10% -20% depending upon age and gender.

OneAmerica will also be reducing the bonus on the IRA Rollover funding option.  Currently, OneAmerica bonuses IRA Rollovers to fund Asset Care by 20%.  The IRA Rollover bonus will be decreased from 20% to 10% moving forward.

The pricing on the OneAmerica Asset Care 10 Pay, 20 Pay, and Pay to 95 Option will not be changed.

These pricing changes on the OneAmerica Asset Care portfolio will take effect for all applications submitted on September 25th or later.

To receive current Asset Care pricing and the current 20% bonus for IRA Rollovers, your applications must be signed and submitted by the close of business on Friday, September 24th.

The pricing changes are needed due to the historically low interest rates, especially over the past 18 month period.  Currently the 10 Year Treasury is at 1.32%.  The 30 Year Treasury is at 1.94%.  OneAmerica is committed to the long term care insurance market and is making these pricing changes to ensure the longevity of its product portfolios so that OneAmerica can continue to keep their promises to you, as policyholders. 

The OneAmerica Asset Care policy is very competitively priced today, especially for joint life coverage.  If you are considering long term care insurance and would like to receive Lifetime Unlimited long term care benefits to address the catastrophic risk of needing care (Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's, etc.) now will be an opportune time to start the process of getting approved for your coverage.

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