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Lincoln Moneyguard II pricing changes announced

by Jack Lenenberg

Genworth Long Term Care Insurance ReviewEffective April 17, 2017 Lincoln Moneyguard II will be introducing pricing changes for new sales of the Lincoln Moneyguard hybrid long term care insurance policy, pending state approval. In addition to pricing changes, Lincoln will be introducing expanded payment options.  The deadline to submit applications for the current rates is April 13th by 6:00 PM.

Pricing Changes of Lincoln Moneyguard II

Lincoln's decision to change pricing on new business applications have been made following a thorough and in-depth analysis of all factors influencing pricing, including increasing morbidity costs and the persistent low interest rate environment.  This is Lincoln's first pricing change on the Lincoln Moneyguard II policy product since it was introduced in 2014.

Overall, the pricing is increasing an average of 10%.

  • Single Pay premium rates will increase between 2% and 11% with an average increase of 10%.
  • Flexible Pay premium rates will increase by a range of 8% to 18% with an average increase of 14%.

At certain ages, this pricing adjustment may alter the benefit level or the inflation rider available for sale. 

Current Lincoln Moneyguard policyholders are not affected

Existing policyholders and applicants currently in underwriting are not affected by the pending pricing changes.  

One of Lincoln Moneyguard's unique benefits is that all rates and charges are fully guaranteed as long as premiums are paid as scheduled and no withdrawals or loans are taken.

Expanded payment options introduced by Lincoln Moneyguard

Lincoln Moneyguard will be expanding payment options under the policy to provide more financial flexibility to clients.  The new options will give consumers greater flexibility to purchase Lincoln Moneyguard at an earlier age and to spread their premium payments out over longer periods of time.

  • Consumers ages 40-54 will now have the ability to fund Lincoln Moneyguard up to age 65, potentially for as long as 25 years
  • Consumers between the ages of 55-72 will continue to have the option to spread premium payments out over 10 year periods.
  • Consumers ages 73-79 will be able to spread premiums out over a period of between 3-9 years. Starting at age 73, consumers can spread premiums out for 9 years, graded down by one year at each subsequent age, to 3 years of premiums for applicants age 79.

Qualifying for the Lincoln Moneyuard current pricing before the rate adjustments take effect

To qualify for the current Lincoln Moneyguard II (2015) pricing before the changes take effect, you must submit your completed application, signed and dated, to Lincoln prior to April 13, 2017 by 6:00 PM EST.  

Policies must be funded within 90 days of completing your Personal Health Interview.

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