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Georgia Long Term Care Insurance Costs and Partnership Information

by Jack Lenenberg

Georgia Long Term Care Insurance Quotes

Costs of Long Term Care in Georgia

The cost of receiving long term care in facilities or at home in Georgia can be expensive. Whether you plan upon paying for these Georgia long term care costs out-of-pocket, or you plan upon buying long term care insurance you need to be aware of what long term care costs for different levels of care in Georgia.

In Georgia, the costs of receiving long term care services averages about $3000 per month for home health care or care in assisted living facilities.

The approximate cost for care in a nursing facility is approximately $5000-$6000 per month.

The cost of long term care that is received in Atlanta, and in the Northern Atlanta suburbs such as Alpharetta, Marietta, Johns Creek, Duluth, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs and Roswell is higher than the cost of long term care in more rural Georgia areas.

City           Home Care                     Assisted Living               Nursing Home
Alpharetta   $19/hour                         $3750/month                 $6085/month
Atlanta        $19/hour                          $3451/month                $6023/month
Augusta      $16/hour                          $2277/month                 $5840/month
Macon        $17/hour                         $2656/month                 $5353/month
Savannah    $18/hour                         $2836/month                  $5688/month

Georgia       $17.00/hour                    $2400/month                 $4700/month

So, how can you properly plan for needing to receive long term care in the future?

Georgia Long Term Care Insurance State Partnership Program

One way is through the purchase of a long term care insurance policy eligible to receive Georgia Long Term Care Partnership protection.

To help encourage its residents to plan for their long term care needs, in 2008 the State of Georgia implemented the Georgia Long Term Care Partnership program. This partnership is a public-private arrangement between Georgia and private long term care insurance companies designed to reduce Georgia Medicaid expenditures by delaying or possibly eliminating the need for Georgians to apply for Medicaid long term care benefits.

To encourage the purchase of Partnership-eligible long term care insurance policies, Georgia has agreed to disregard assets on a dollar-for-dollar basis equal to the amount of long term care insurance benefits received should the insured need to apply for Georgia Medicaid.

Learn More About the Georgia Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Options

We feel the Georgia Long Term Care Partnership program is a great incentive for Georgians to plan for long term care. To learn more about which companies offer long term care insurance partnership policies in Georgia, and to receive free long term care insurance quotes, please contact myself direct at 770-696-4141 or toll free at 1-800-891-5824. I will help you explore your long term care insurance options.

I am based in Alpharetta, GA and can personally meet with you to answer your questions or to discuss your concerns.  Thank you.

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