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"Although we are in our mid-50s and in good health, my wife and I decided that we should explore Long Term Care (LTC) insurance to mitigate future risks to our financial portfolio and health care. We explored self-funding, single payment, and various other LTC options. Unlike our experience with a reputable agent from a highly regarded mutual insurance company, Jack was willing to examine the details of all of these options with us to find the most cost-effective policy that met our needs. He is well-informed on how LTC policies have changed over the years, and the direction that they are headed in the future (e.g., gender specific pricing). While we hope to never use our LTC policies, we worked successfully with Jack to ensure that we would not be a financial burden to our children in the future. I would highly recommend Jack and for anyone that is considering LTC options for their future peace of mind.


RWP, Corvallis, OR