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If anyone needs to know anything about LTC insurance, boy have I got the man for you! Jack Lenenberg has turned a near impossibility into a reality for me. Jack is a master at what he does and I would highly recommend him, without any reservation whatsoever, to everyone and anyone. Being an insulin dependent juvenile diabetic for 32 years, I never thought I would qualify for a long term care insurance policy. With Jack's determination, experience and knowledge, not to mention his accessibility and persistence, I am now fully insured and on the road to retirement. Jack's constant guidance throughout my appeal process was very comforting and reassuring and I will never forget his after-hours email to me stating "winner, winner, chicken dinner-appeal won!!"; I can truly say that Jack Lenenberg is the man who CAN and WILL get the job done. One would be absolutely foolish not have Jack Lenenberg help and represent them when considering long term care insurance.


Amy Mannino, Spring Hill, FL