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Arthritis and Long Term Care Insurance Underwriting

| Jack Lenenberg

Arthritis Long Term Care Underwriting

Arthritis history, for long term care insurance underwriters, is a diagnosis that must be carefully underwritten.

In recent long term care claims data prepared by the Society of Actuaries arthritis is the leading cause by diagnosis for home...

Long term care costs continue to outpace inflation

| Jack Lenenberg

Should I Buy Long Term Care InsuranceGenworth Financial has released its 2014 Cost of Long Term Care Survey this month and the survey shows the cost of long term care facility services continues to rise at a rate higher than the inflation index creating significant financial planning...

Group challenges gender-based long term care insurance rates

| Jack Lenenberg

Ltc Gender Based RatesA non-profit legal organization has filed suit alleging that the recently instituted practice of private insurance companies charging women higher rates for long term care insurance violates Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act.

The National...

Heart Disease and Long Term Care Insurance Underwriting

| Jack Lenenberg

Heart Attack Long Term Care InsuranceLong term care insurance underwriting is vastly different from life insurance underwriting or even health insurance underwriting.  We receive many calls from individuals with a prior history of a heart attack,...

John Hancock Leaves California Long Term Care Partnership

| Jack Lenenberg

John HancockThe John Hancock Life Insurance Company announced it will be leaving the California Partnership for Long Term Care Program effective September 16, 2013.

John Hancock stated it will continue to market its non-Partnership policy, Custom Care III in...

Mutual of Omaha Long Term Care Insurance Review

| Jack Lenenberg

Mutual Of Omaha Long Term Care InsuranceToday, Mutual of Omaha is one of the top 5 long term care insurance providers.  

Mutual of Omaha offers 2 long term care insurance policies:

  1. Mutual Care Plus
  2. Assured Solutions, through its subsidiary United of Omaha

Purely from a policy...

Review of Mass Mutual Long Term Care Insurance

| Jack Lenenberg

Mass MutualDoes Mass Mutual offer the best long term care insurance policy?

Every consumer advocate advises to buy your long term care insurance policy from a company with strong financial ratings.  The reason being, your claim might be twenty to 30...

Best long term care insurance policies for your money

| Jack Lenenberg

Top 10 Long Term Care Insurance PoliciesI receive a lot of phone calls from consumers nationwide and a fairly common question many of my clients ask me is:

What is the best long term care insurance policy that you can buy?

It is a fair question.

And it is a question that has...