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5 Reasons People Plan

Long term care planning may be important to you for the following reasons:

1.  I want to stay at home

If you are like most of us, staying at home is important. Whether you simply need a hand with everyday activities like preparing a meal or shopping, or help with routine activities of daily living like bathing or dressing, a long term care insurance policy will allow you to stay at home and receive the care you need.

2.  I don't want to go through my nest egg

You know the cost of long term care is expensive and paying for care out of pocket may take away your entire lifetime of savings. A long term care insurance policy will help to provide the means necessary to help pay for your care and allow you to spend your nest egg the way you want.

3.  I don't want my kids to take care of me

It’s nice to know you have loved ones who will be there for you. But when it comes to providing your care, your children already have enough going on in their lives whether it’s their own work or family obligations. A long term care policy will allow you to receive your care without burdening your children.

4.  I've seen what happens to people who don't have it

You may already know of someone…perhaps a close friend or a member of your family---who needed care and did not have long term care insurance to pay for the costs. If you are like most people, seeing the financial toll of the high costs of care is enough to make you certain to have a policy …"just in case."

5.   I want to leave an inheritance for my kids and grandkids

You have worked a lifetime to build your nest egg and you would like to see it get passed down to your children and grandchildren. But if you need care Medicaid will require that you “spend down” your assets before it will pay for your care. A long term care insurance policy will allow you to leave your legacy to for your children and your grandchildren.

1.   And ONE REASON they don't...

Procrastination. You know you are getting older, yet you still feel as if you have some time on your side. Many people put long term care planning on the backburner figuring they can get started another day. Unfortunately, long term care insurance is purchased with your health. You know you are as healthy today as you will ever be. Do not let a change in your health prevent you from making sure your plans are put in place. Get started today.

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