At LTC Partner we believe that understanding all of the issues related to long term care planning is just as important as deciding if the need for long term care insurance fits into your overall retirement plan.  We have compiled videos, blogs, tools and resources and long term care buying tips that will help you through your long term care planning process.

Policy Brochures of the leading long term care insurance policies  Download pdf files of the brochures highlighting the options of all the top-rated long term care policies.

Current Financial Ratings See current financial ratings and assets of long term care insurance underwriters from AM Best, Standard & Poors, Moody's, Weiss, and Fitch.

Current Cost of Care  See the current cost of care where you live, or where you plan to retire to.  Download the study for your State.

Insurance Blog  Absolutely terrific blog about all things related to insurance.  Read the musings of Henry Stern and Bob Vineyard as they blog about insurance issues, principles & solutions.  InsureBlog is terrific.

Blog: Grateful Discoveries

Daniel Cooney's blog centered on sharing his experiences as a caregiver for his mother until her passing in November 2010.  Current posts reflect on Daniel's bereavement process and care-related topics.

Video: Best Advice From Those Who Have Been There

Video: Kiplinger's No-Nonsense Look at Long Term Care

Video: NBR: Ready for Retirement

Video: Alzheimer's: Paying the Price

Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine has provided consumers with a number of informative and helpful articles on long term care planning over the years.  The Kiplinger's 3 Step Guide offers good long term care insurance advice. 

Kiplinger's 3 Step Guide to Smarter Long Term Care Planning 

This helpful consumer guide will help you better understand your risk of needing long term care;  it will show you how to save money when buying long term care insurance; and most importantly how to avoid costly long term care planning mistakes

Have you ever known someone that has needed to receive long term care?  Are you aware of how their care was paid for, and the actual cost of their care?  Are you aware of what long term care costs currently in your area?

To learn about the current cost of long term care in your city please click on the link below.

Find Out the Cost of Long Term Care In Your Area

LTC Partner has also compiled helpful articles from leading publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Sun-Times, The New York Times, and others that will provide you with insightful long term care insurance buying tips and advice.

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We look forward to assisting you with long term care insurance planning. Thank you for visiting our site.

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